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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Motivation: How You Can Stop Procrastination?

Steps for overcoming procrastination


It's 5 o'clock, and you have only 1 hour remaining to finish your work. You are utilizing every muscle in your body while silently cursing yourself for not starting sooner. How did this happen? How did you get so late? These are all the questions in the minds of people who frequently procrastinate.

Overcoming procrastination is a daily challenge for many people because the extra 5 minutes of sleep on cold winter mornings is irresistible. However, to become successful and self-motivated, you need to overcome procrastination at all costs. In this blog post, I will share my 4 steps for Overcoming procrastination and also explain the meaning of procrastination as well. So without further delay, let's get active!

What is Procrastination?

Most people don't know "what is procrastination", so here is its definition: Procrastination is the willful disregard of responsibilities and delay of tasks until the last minute or past its deadline. Some researchers procrastination as a failure of self-regulation and unable to have dominant self-control. It is one of the worst things you can do to yourself, and its potential negative outcomes are disastrous for professional life. Many people struggle with procrastination and fail to overcome it, turning procrastination into a habit. Such people have a hard time succeeding in professional and personal life. However, through proper guidance and tips, anyone can overcome procrastination if they put their mind to it.

How to Overcome Procrastination?

Overcoming procrastination is a constant battle between the heart and mind. Where the mind must win otherwise, its results could be devastating for professional growth. Many people have trouble launching, stabilizing, and even continuing their business due to procrastination. As a result, it's regarded as one of the worst situations you can intentionally lock yourself into.

According to Wikipedia, procrastination can be asymptomatic psychological disorder. However, it's nothing too serious until you decide to take action and start Overcoming procrastination as soon as possible. Below are 4 steps for Overcoming procrastination that will help you out of this turmoil. So read to the end and practice these tips on yourself to achieve professional and personal growth in life and become self-motivated.


How to overcome procrastination?


1. Recognition

Every psychological problem is address after recognition. Unless you realize that you are procrastinating, you won't be able to overcome it. Most people believe outside factors cause a delay in their work, such as the internet not working or their electronic device malfunctioned. However, such people know deep down that their procrastination is to blame for being late or missing a deadline. After you realize that you have been procrastinating, overcoming it becomes a steady process that involves sheer willpower.

2. Stop Asking

After you have realized the need to overcome procrastination, it's time to take the second step and stop asking how to overcome procrastination. Giving up on an unhealthy psychological habit becomes more challenging when you keep asking how it's done rather than actually taking a step to treat it. The same is the case with procrastination. The more people you ask "how to overcome procrastination", the more challenging it will be for you to overcome it because you will have too many tips and tricks. Therefore, it's best sticking to one guide and practicing its methods without asking others for help.

3. Figure Out Why You Are Procrastinating?

You need to understand your reasons for procrastinating; otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain. Maybe you are delaying a task because you don't feel comfortable doing it alone or putting off work because it's boring. In either case, it's best to think positively and try to finish that task as soon as possible so you can relax. However, different people have distinct reasons to procrastinate, understanding your reasoning behind wilfully delaying a job and then developing an optimistic approach to solving it crucial to overcome procrastination. Otherwise, you will lock yourself in an endless loop of overcoming procrastination and then getting into it again.

4. Adapt Anti-Procrastinating Strategies

Procrastination is a deeply engraved habit that can take several weeks to overcome. Unless you develop a critical anti-procrastinating strategy, you won't make much progress. After you have understood your reason for wilfully delaying a task, it's time to build a system that prevents you from falling into procrastination again. Here are a few things you can try to overcome procrastination fast.

1. Forgive Yourself For Procrastinating in the Past
2. Keep a To-do List and stick to it.
3. Prioritize your To-do list
4. Become a master of scheduling
5. Start prioritizing tasks according to their deadline, importance, and duration

6. Try to wrap small tasks first

Bonus Tip for Overcoming procrastination

Procrastination is a disease that has consumed the minds of young generations. Technology has a critical part in spreading procrastination because many tasks can now be performed with a click of a button. However, this does not mean that technology is to blame for your willful disregard of responsibilities.

The best way to overcome procrastination fast is by making your bed in the morning. This is the most important task of the day, yet it's the least straining. When you make your bed in the morning, you have accomplished a mission, and it will create a ripple effect leading to efficient management of other tasks. Moreover, if your day didn't go as planned, at least you will come back to a well-made bed that you fixed yourself. This will create a sense of motivation and help you effectively overcome procrastination.

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