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Facebook and Messenger Tools

Genius Messenger CRM Chrome Extension for Facebook Messenger

Your built-in Facebook Messenger CRM will keep track of all your prospects and leads right inside Messenger without ever having to look somewhere else.

With customizable color-coded labels, you can tag each Facebook Friend with a proper label: Prospect, Lead, Hot Lead, Client, Friend, Family, etc. Keep track of everyone you’ve ever messaged in Messenger and never lose a Messenger sale ever again!

Friend Connect Facebook Chrome Extension To Help Automate Friend Request

Friend Connector can add laser targeted leads from

  • Facebook Groups
  • ​Your Suggested Friends List
  • Any Influencer’s Friends List

Using our powerful message segments and groups Friend Connector can spintax your messages and automatically send messages when

  • You send someone a friend request
  • Some one accepts your friend request
  • Someone sends you a friend request
  • ​You accept someones friend request
  • ​You decline someone’s friend requests
Engagement Monster Chrome Extension To Automate Post Reactions and Comments

Facebook Post Engagement Software Done On Autopilot!

  • React and engage on posts with a single click
  • Schedule the times you want the engagement to happen
  • Effortlessly boost your organic Facebook reach
Post Profits Chrome Extension to Help Automate Facebook Comment Responses with a simple click using hashtags

Respond to all comments on your post with a simple click. Get maximum post exposure and engagement automatically.

Post Profits Pro will begin to automatically respond to all comments on your post strategically leveraging the Facebook Algorithm to get you maximum post exposure and engagement.

It will also send out Direct Messages through Facebook messenger with your CTA link which will keep people commenting on your post to get the link.

New Facebook’s user interface support

Post Filter Pro Chrome Extension to help filter ads or post on facebook automatically based on keywords

Customize your Facebook experience by filtering out ads or posts from your newsfeed, groups, pages or profile based on keywords.

Customise your experience on Facebook by filtering out posts or ads or both based on your preference.

Post filter is an easy to use CHROME extension which helps you to keep your Facebook feed clean. With the help of this extension now you can filter what you want to see on your Facebook news feed.

You can use any set of keywords and decide if you just want to see posts or ads or if you dont want to see post or ads based on the given keywords.

You choose what you want to see and how you want to see them. You can use this extension to check our relevant post based on any given keywords from anywhere on Facebook (your news feed, groups, pages, other profiles).

User should install it if they just want to filter between post or sponsored ads. It will help an user to save their time while scrolling through Facebook to be able to choose if they want to see or don’t want to see post or sponsored ads .

Facebook Biggest Fan Chrome Extension

Biggestfan Pro helps you to automate blasting emojis on someone's FB live to create more engagement. You can get noticed by your dream client and be their biggest fan when you are watching their live. A simple interaction on their content could change the entire dynamics of your business.

Agency and Lead Generation Tools

Chirply.io Automated SMS, Email and Phone Calling

Chirply lets you keep in touch with all your contacts from one easy to use dashboard

We’re more than just another place to store your contacts. Chirply allows us to send and receive text and multi-media messages, make live phone calls right from your web browser, send ringless voicemail messages, setup automated out reach campaigns… and much more.

Chirply lets you keep in touch with all your contacts from one easy to use dashboard

We’re more than just another place to store your contacts. Chirply allows us to send and receive text and multi-media messages, make live phone calls right from your web browser, send ringless voicemail messages, setup automated out reach campaigns… and much more.

Invoicingyou Online Payment and Invoice Platform

Invoicing You is a very simple to use online invoicing system that allows you to easily send invoices to your clients and also sell your products online.

Payments are securely processed by stripe or authorize.net. It’s so easy to use our software to sell your services or products but more importantly it’s even easier for your clients to pay you for them.

Domain Leads Help you keep track of newly registered and expiring soon domain names

Plenty of businesses and individuals can benefit from the newly registered domains and recently expired domains list.

This is one of the best ways to keep tabs on the competition or to stay on top of your competitors when it comes to getting fresh leads.

GeniusPages Funnel Builder Logo

Funnel Builder with Smart Pixeling, One Click Upsells, One Click Downsells, Templates, Share Site Links, Locked Shares Sites and so much more.

Now available as a Beta. Get in now to lock in your pricing or become a lifetime user.

Linkwizard short url and tracking link creator

Link Wizard not only shortens your link into a “pretty” URL, but it also gives your business the tracking and protection you need to scale.

Link Wizard is a very powerful link management software. It allows you to create custom short links, track link clicks and get in depth analytics. You can also add as many Tracking Pixels as you want to any of your short smart links. You can even fire off custom pixel events!

Unlimited Business Leads Chrome Extension to Scrape Google

Are you looking for leads? If yes then this tool is going to give you Unlimited Business Leads within few seconds with the click of a button.

You will get your lead’s email id and phone number in which ever way you want.

You can download all the leads as a csv or even you can send them to any web hook and can make your automation.

Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner Chrome Extension

Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner allows you to easily copy any Clickfunnels page on the internet in just two simple clicks!

You may be wanting to copy a successful, proven, profitable funnel that you found on the internet. With Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner, the software will tell you any time you are on a page that can be easily copied right into your Clickfunnels account! Then, you just click the copy button and BOOM! just like that the funnel is now copied and yours to post into your account!

Maybe you just built your page using the wrong page type; and, you don’t want to rebuild the entire thing. Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner has you covered for that, too! Just use our simple tool to move the page to the right page type!

This easy to use funnel cloner will save you hours and hours of time! You might just be just one funnel away; and, with Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner, you’ll be able to get that one funnel much faster and easier.

This chrome extension is not affiliated with Clickfunnels in any way. 


More Reviews
Using review links will allow you to easily collect more reviews from your customers/clients.

Reputation Management
With review links you keep bad reviews off of social media and public forms all while giving your customers a real way to provide feedback so you can improve your service process.

Increase Conversions
More positive and recent reviews on your campaigns is proven to increase your conversions even more.

Robocontact Lead Generation

Search For Targeted Leads
You can search for leads by Location and Keywords.
e.g. “Dentists in Los Angeles

Contact Leads With a Built-in CRM
You can then export these leads into a CSV file to view in Excel or Google Sheets or utilize RoboContact’s built in CRM

Auto-Fill Contact Forms

Robo Contact can then Auto-Fill all of the ‘Contact Us’ forms on your leads’ sites with a pre-defined email template.

Cold Email On

AutopilotConnect your Google or SMTP and Robo Contact can send out mass cold email campaigns to with automated follow-up sequences.


Magic Zap is a very powerful and magical software.

Magic Zap will allow you to present personalized dynamic websites to your visitors.

It will also let you send follow up emails, calls, sms or chatbot messages while your visitors are on your site engaged and ready to buy. You have to have this tool if you want to compete.