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Keeping Commitments to Yourself

Committing to yourself


Keeping commitments is always a breeze when it’s for someone relying on us. However, maintaining self-commitment can be challenging. Keeping commitments to yourself is integral for stimulating personal growth because you need to devote some time to yourself. However, in the hustle and bustle of a busy life, we tend to forget to keep self-commitments.

If you are anything like me, you must have burned through all the books available on this topic, and now you are here on my blog. Don’t worry! In this blog post, I will share how I keep commitments to myself so you can follow through and improve your personal life.

How to Keep Commitments to Yourself

Keeping promises to yourself is challenging but possible. It’s also crucial, and we will explore the different ways you can live up to self-commitments.

1. Get in The Right Mindset

The right mindset harbors positivity and keeps generating new ideas; however, it’s never easy to stay positive with social media and harness the right mindset. To get in the right mindset and keep commitments to yourself, you need a social media detox. After you remove social media from your life equation, keeping commitments to yourself becomes easier because you have one less thing to worry about.

2. Don’t Doubt Yourself

Self-doubt is the enemy of a positive mind, and you need to change your habit of demoralizing yourself. Whenever you have a negative thought that makes you want to skip self-commitment, stop and think for a while. Weigh out the pros and cons, and stop self-doubting. You will discover this technique to be the best way for keeping commitments to yourself because it will boost your confidence as well.

3. Repetition is Helpful

The law of repetition states that repeating a behavior makes it more powerful. Each plan acted upon creates less opposition for the next suggestion. This helps in keeping commitments to yourself because when you perform the same activity at a particular time, the neural pathways in your mindset a cognitive alarm that reminds you of the specific activity. So, keep repeating your habits if you want to reinforce them in your brain.

4. Set up Reminders

In the pursuit of success, most people tend to overshadow their self-commitments with work. This might seem like a great idea at first, but you will need to relax and look after yourself with time. The best way to keeping commitments to yourself is by setting up reminders. You can set up a mobile alarm or make a note a stick it on the fridge. Do whatever it takes to keep commitments to yourself because they are equally important as work.

5. Be Strict (Sometimes)

If you are trying to keep commitments to yourself and not getting any luckier, it’s time to put down the stick. Sometimes, you need to be strict with yourself to enforce positive behavior. If your commitments are to wake up early, eat healthily, and go to the gym, you need to take action. Keeping commitments to yourself will make you responsible and help you manage other people as well. However, don’t exhaust yourself in the process of keeping your commitments. Take it slow, but don’t quit on your commitments – gradually, your commitments will become your habits.


Keep self commitments

6. Avoid Making Impulsive Commitments

One of the best ways of keeping commitments to yourself is avoiding impulsive commitments. Sometimes, people make commitments that are hard to live up to. For example, committing to staying fit when there is a lot of work or promising yourself to wake up early when you have long work hours. These commitments can shatter your spirit and demotivate you. Therefore, it is best to evaluate your commitments before you impose them upon yourself.

7. Don’t Make too Many Commitments

Most people make a list of self-commitments for themselves and plan to follow them religiously. This is not possible because keeping commitments to yourself might interfere with your work.

At the start of a new year, people make tons of self-commitments and expect to live up to them. However, the ideal way to keeping commitments to yourself is by making one or three commitments at max.

8. Keep a Commitment Journal

Documentation makes things easier, and writing down your commitments will help you keep them. You can use an iPad or your cell phone to make quick notes about your commitments and set up reminders accordingly. Moreover, keeping a commitment journal will help you track your progress and monitor yourself.

If you notice an unhealthy diet or late sleeping habits, you can refer back to your commitment journal and go through the time when you were living up to your commitments. In summary, a commitments journal can be the time machine that will take you back in time when you were keeping commitments to yourself.

The Bottom Line

Keeping commitments to yourself is important for becoming responsible, time-bound, and efficient. If you can’t keep promises to yourself, you won’t keep the ones you made with others. Despite the negative voice in your mind telling you to give up, you should power through your day and keep commitments to yourself without delay. Upon mastering how to keep commitments that you make to yourself, you will be more organized, time-efficient, and responsible. Moreover, you will refrain from making it impossible or hard to achieve commitments to others, protecting your social status, and living a content life.

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