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Dropfunnels 101—Everything You Need to Know About the Ultimate Online Marketing System

All about DropFunnels

The sales funnel market has gradually been growing, so it is no surprise that so many funnel developers have recently popped out of nowhere like crazy.


While there are many options on the market, when a comparatively recent platform such as DropFunnels starts making all the headlines, it's worth celebrating. And celebrate we will. But it won't be that champagne popping moment that you see in movies. Instead, we will celebrate DropFunnels' rise to the top by reviewing everything that makes it the ultimate online marketing system.


Here, I will be reviewing DropFunnels to help you get accustomed to this all-in-one marketing solution and show why it is a worthy investment.


What is a Sales Funnel?


Since DropFunnels is essentially a sales funnel builder, it is important to understand what a sales funnel is. It can often happen in an online marketing environment that a specific website does not make any online sales. This means that a marketing plan is needed to help individuals move up the economic ladder. In simple terms, the sales funnel is a guide for consumers that they follow unknowingly while buying online.

This is accomplished in a couple of simple steps. The first move is to use advertising to raise public awareness of your product. The next move is to get the audience's attention. This is achieved either by encouraging them to purchase certain entry-level items so that they can test your products or by advertising various deals and support services.

When a customer is interested in your offering, you can reinforce their decision by offering more deals and discounts. After this, the product is ordered, the purchase is made, and the buyer is happy. Even when a purchase goes through, the supplied product's quality will play a vital role in retaining the customer.


What is DropFunnels?


If you've never heard of DropFunnels before, then you may want to know what it's all about. DropFunnels is a reputable firm that currently runs one of the industry's hottest up-and-coming funnel builders. This program's uniqueness lies in the fact that it enables you to use it from one place as an advanced SEO WordPress site and to build funnels and landing pages with lightning-fast speed.


Built by Jordan Medirich, DropFunnels is special because it offers you a medium for SEO blogging. I have said this before, and I will say it again—blogging is a great way to make money and build wealth. Through affiliate marketing, selling online services, and Google advertising, I have personally used blogging to make a reasonable amount of money. So, it's certainly a game-changer to be able to customize your blog design with widgets, sidebars, and other amazing functionality.


In short, DropFunnels is a builder of marketing funnels that will facilitate you in expanding your online business and making it successful. The platform DropFunnels is built on is WordPress, which is a strong website platform. This makes DropFunnels different from the rest of the market.


Like many other similar services in the industry, DropFunnels seeks to provide small businesses with the resources to take matters into their own hands. That implies you will have access to all the resources that you require in digital marketing to establish your business online.


This entails the ability to develop your site, create infinite landing pages and an unlimited number of funnels, and even increase your authority on the blog quickly. The business also provides you with hosting, speed, and quality support. Besides, the platform is built to fit perfectly with the requirements of both owners of businesses and specialists in digital marketing.


To sum it up, DropFunnels is an all-in-one website with a Jordan Medirich-designed website builder and sales funnel. It also features an SEO blogging platform, as stated above. This replaces the old ways of promoting a business, such as telemarketing and email marketing.


Besides, its large and comprehensive range of tools, such as sites with sidebars and widgets that give it an advantage over other websites, can also be used. Although most of this functionality is present on other websites, one can safely assume that DropFunnels will have a competitive edge over the others and work hard to keep its customers happy as it is recently developed.


Why DropFunnels?


So, you know understand what DropFunnels is and what you can use it for. However, the most important question remains to be answered: why should you use DropFunnels over other marketing or sales funnels out there?


DropFunnels allows you to develop your professional website, market it, and succeed in your sales. For WordPress, it has an effective infrastructure and it delivers whatever is needed by your business to grow. With DropFunnels, starting an online business is no longer a dream. Instead, you can use the platform to easily build a brand through your website and create an image of your goods and services in the minds of visitors.


Additionally, visitors prefer to spend more time researching the products and may even purchase products if the website is appealing enough, with useful functions. The best way to demonstrate your offering on your website is to present them in a very vibrant and orderly fashion. You can begin doing that with the simple drag-and-drop page builder of DropFunnels, even if you have no technical expertise at all.


You can choose from over 90 pre-made templates offered by DropFunnels. You can get your website built and launch a new category of business in no time. Can you imagine improving your funnels by up to 10 times more than what you currently get? DropFunnels says that it can make that possible.


Using the "Funnel Flow" function of DropFunnels, you can conveniently add sales funnels. From the very beginning, you can drop in, break, or establish funnels and notch the greatest output. Not just adding, but as per your desires and criteria, you can also redirect funnel paths or delete pages.


The real growth of your online business from an SEO blog and organic traffic allows you to attract more audiences. Your website is included in each search engine's highest-ranked searches. Additionally, your SEO blog promotes your business.


Without hiring professional consultants and programmers, DropFunnels lets you create a blog conveniently. If you have the talent and passion for creative writing, then you will love this ability offered by DropFunnels.


A business is largely reliant on the revenue it generates. It normally takes time to improve sales and develop a highly profitable product. DropFunnels has eliminated all the barriers with its quick integration to support people at all skill levels. You can now add items with little or no work to your site and sales funnel.


Who is DropFunnels Recommended For?


As I experimented around with the system itself, I gave this a lot of thought. The platform is honestly clear and convenient enough to grasp. However, DropFunnels isn't for everyone. While anyone can use it, I would strongly recommend this platform to those with limited programming, coding, and SEO skills.


I recommend DropFunnels for these people because the platform is built to make all of the above tasks easier for you without you having to think about hiring a specialist. For beginners who have just joined the online community, DropFunnels is an excellent choice.


This ensures, to fulfill various purposes, they do not have to look anywhere else. DropFunnels doesn't cost too much, yet it is a great option for designing a simple but elegant website. If you are more focused on the sales funnel, then you have the freedom to go ahead with it with ease.


But once you get to use it, you may never want to quit. It is the perfect one-stop solution not just for newcomers but also for entrepreneurs, small businesses, online sellers, bloggers, and start-ups. However, to keep things simple, I recommend DropFunnels the most to people with the following needs.


For Those Wanting to Rank Their Sales Funnels on Google


This is one of the best aspects of DropFunnels. It's no secret that it can be hard to rank your funnels on Google. It's often nearly impossible to do so, even if you use sales funnel developers. However, DropFunnels is intentionally built to rank your sales funnels on Google.


Essentially, you have access to the services and resources that will help your landing pages get a high rank on Google searches. You're probably wondering: how does DropFunnels accomplish this?


In all honesty, it's quite simple. While it may not be a major update, only a few of DropFunnels' competitors have a dedicated category for SEO. The SEO tool enables you to improve your web rankings and optimize your content to meet Google's topmost criteria.


For Those Wanting to Build the Authority of Their Brand


One of the main things which make a brand or company instantly recognizable and reliable is a website. Look at it this way: a site with a custom domain that contains all of a brand's details shows your commitment and dedication towards your business.


When they know you're committed to making things work, people are more likely to consider buying from you. Ask any online marketing specialist today and the advice you get will always be the same: if you do not have a website, your sales funnels are practically useless.


Of course, there are exceptional circumstances in which a website might not be appropriate for you, but think about it this way: would you rather buy something from a social media chat or an official website?


However, having a website does not guarantee anything. Having a website does not mean that your business will establish its authority. You still have to find consistency with your content. The good news is that DropFunnels makes it simple to build a blog and optimize it to Google's requirements. The importance of establishing the authority of your website and your business is well documented.


For Those Looking to Grow Their Business Quickly and Effectively


DropFunnels make it simple to launch your business on a platform that is well structured. This implies that to gain access to certain facets of your business, you don't have to check up on numerous apps and websites. Without needing a tutorial on optimization for Google, programming, or coding, you can quickly and conveniently build your website and sales funnels using the in-built SEO and intuitive interface of DropFunnels.


The DropFunnels Features


DropFunnels uses several widely known resources targeted towards customer loyalty. DropFunnels features no complex coding or functionality that will have your head spinning. Instead, it features a simple drag-and-drop builder and many other unique features that look to consolidate the best of Builderall, Clickfunnel, Katra, Leadpages, etc., under the same roof. The following are some of the most useful features of DropFunnels that make it a worthy investment.


1. Unlimited Sales Funnels and Landing Pages


You are assured of unlimited sales funnels and landing pages with DropFunnels. This is amazing functionality when you consider that you must upgrade continuously to create more pages on other platforms. However, with DropFunnels, you can easily create marketing funnels and customize them as per your need. There are only two steps required:

1) Pick Your Design
2) Name It


2. Templates


You can use template features to build websites, forums, checkout pages, lead writers, lettering for video sales, and webinar registration. You can also add templates for lessons and pages for course indexes. You have an option for models, full-funnel, or even CF advertising pages to be brought in.


3. Drag-and-Drop Builder


The truth of the matter is that there was no single input from a designer or computer programmer used to create DropFunnels. That implies that DropFunnels fulfills your wishes when you say you don't want any tech professionals. The DropFunnels platform is the sole evidence of its features and reputation.


For the production of your sales funnel and blogs, you can utilize the page builder of DropFunnels. BuilderBeaver (a popular WordPress page Builder Plugin) is very comparable to it as both utilize templates to incorporate multiple other widgets. It has over 90 drag-and-drop Builder templates to choose from, as already stated.


4. Membership Sites and Courses


DropFunnels has a function that allows you to build and protect the content of membership sites inside it. This is a useful function, and you will greatly profit from it, particularly if you want to offer a course and earn recurring payments from the participants. You may also decide whether you want to create a free membership site or a charged one.


Membership platforms are a perfect way to create a following by building trust and adding value to boost overall sales. It is very easy to create a membership platform with DropFunnels. You begin by giving your website a name, and then you add a URL to your membership. In the end, it is you who gets to decide what type of membership platform you want. Whether you want an advanced version or a basic one, the steps are always the same with DropFunnels.


5. SEO Tool


DropFunnels' SEO tool is extremely efficient and well-integrated into the platform. This not only gives you the chance to maximize your efforts to refine your search engine results but also highlights places where you might do better. This is one of the key reasons why the DropFunnels tool for SEO is as efficient as marketed.

Today, the majority of in-built

optimization tools for search engines lack organization and a fast-to-follow process. This implies that you are always left dependent on your own SEO experience and what the software recommends you do. On the other hand, DropFunnels ensures that the content is tailored specifically to Google's requirements.


If Google sees your site as not being user-friendly, your business will struggle, and it will never achieve its true potential. With that in mind, it's reassuring to know that DropFunnels takes things a step further by allowing you to modify your website and make it look legitimate in the eyes of search engines such as Bing, Google, etc.


In comparison to its competitors, where you will have to employ a specialist to get ranked on the first page, the chances of achieving the top spot with DropFunnels are more likely. Now, in a categorized menu, the SEO tool itself helps you to set up any important element of content that your mind can conceive.


For instance, you can modify your Meta descriptions, refine your sitemap, link social media accounts, analyze Google Analytics, and make use of several other useful advanced SEO tools. In short, everything you need to ensure that every single component of your website follows the strict SEO guidelines of Google is at your disposal.


The only drawback I can think of is that SEO is quite complicated in itself. So, you will certainly have to learn about SEO techniques and you're going to have to set aside time to ensure the optimization of your site is how you want it to be. If you don't do that, then there's a chance that you will waste an excellent resource for optimizing your website for search engines


6. Unlimited Blog Posts


If you want to set up a blog of some kind or have thought about creating several blog posts, then you are in the right place. DropFunnels offers basic blogging functionality and develops WordPress and Hosting websites. You no longer need to worry about this. However, you may want a tiny hint of a sales funnels here too.


It doesn't matter if a blog helps you market, demonstrate, or promote your offering when you're looking to build your business from zero. DropFunnels makes this easy by allowing you to create an unlimited number of blog posts. With the backing of advanced SEO tools, the blog posts become an extremely useful feature to have.


Additionally, most funnel builders on the market are just simple funnel developers and nothing else. On the other hand, DropFunnels lets you host your site and handle all blog posts and upcoming content on the page without ever exiting the platform.


This is one of my favorite things about DropFunnels, as it helps you to set up your company online in less than a day and have a credible website up and running. There are not many funnel builders that allow you to do that, so it is certainly worth discussing this aspect of DropFunnels.


7. In-Built Link Tracker


The in-house connect tracker is one of the DropFunnels' simpler but more useful features. It helps you monitor various links to see how they are performing in regards to clicks, contact, and conversions. It also helps to have everything in one easy little window to quickly search the different links you are trying to navigate.


The tracker is also useful if you are trying to ascertain what content and tactics are best received by your audience. What's more, it also helps you to reach your conclusion about what you need to address to make your demographic more inclined towards certain subjects, advertisements, funnels, or sites.


It is very easy to set-up the in-built link tracker of DropFunnels. All you need to do is insert a source URL and a target URL, and then simply select the course of action and redirection. If you like, you can also maintain some default settings for ease of use.

8. The Dashboard


The absence of dashboards is what I dislike the most about all-in-one platforms. Yeah, there are those out there that have a dashboard that is good enough. However, every platform will have it. And this is what makes DropFunnels unique.


It is easy to navigate multiple tasks via DropFunnels. This means that some of the most critical aspects of DropFunnels, such as developing blog posts, media uploads, website editor, and the SEO tool, are instantly accessible. The dashboard is essentially built to give you easy access to all the resources DropFunnels offers.


It makes it simple for the eyes and ensures that everything is well organized so that you never ignore any of the activities that you may be required to perform.


The Affiliate Program of DropFunnels


The DropFunnels team invites you to sign up for their affiliate program and receive a monthly commission of 30 percent when someone chooses to subscribe to their service through your affiliate link. Approved affiliates earn commission on whatever plan they decide to promote.


Affiliates also have competitions, such as the special affiliate competition, which facilitates and gives certain rewards for their work to some affiliates who have performed exceptionally. Commission payments are made on the first day of each month, and to get paid, you must surpass the minimum commission requirement of $100.


The payment will be made through the preferred medium of the affiliate. Interested people can sign up for DropFunnels' affiliate program by clicking here.


The Support offered By DropFunnels


I always tell my readers that the first thing to consider when deciding to purchase anything is support. You're going to have issues at some point, and this is when you'll need someone to assist you. There is strong support offered by DropFunnels, and you can reach them easily by submitting a ticket to them at any time during the day.


However, you may have to wait for at least an hour after submitting the ticket before someone reaches out to you. While the support offered by DropFunnels is decent, it can go up a notch with 24/7 live chat. This is just a recommendation that may improve DropFunnels' support.


DropFunnels also have a support group on Facebook that you can easily become a member of and where you can submit all your queries. The group has over five thousand members at the time of writing this and is packed with individuals who have the same values and want to help one another out. If I had to decide how to reach DropFunnels, I would skip the ticket part and go straight to the Facebook group to ask questions and get the support needed.


DropFunnels vs. ClickFunnels—How the Two Platforms Compare


About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a tool for building landing pages and it builds a sales funnel to enable you to expand your business globally. An online marketing system, ClickFunnels has been the favorite of many people since its early days as it enabled its users to grow and gain more and more revenue. It turns visitors to a website into customers.

When ClickFunnels launched in 2014, it was said that this would revolutionize the online marketing system and begin a period of the online marketing revolution.

How Does It Compare to DropFunnels?

Both ClickFunnels and DropFunnels are used for the same main purpose—building a page. When you compare the two, there is not much separating them. This should be seen as a compliment for DropFunnels as it is a relatively new platform compared to ClickFunnels, which is considered an industry giant.

Beaver Builder, which is built using WordPress, is the primary editing tool of DropFunnels. The tool is optimized for both SEO and speed. To ensure the highest search engine optimization, only one editing tool is provided per account to ensure optimal speed.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is focused solely on creating and optimizing sales funnels. Unlike DropFunnels, ClickFunnels allows multiple users to use the same account. Additionally, many of the features that you will find on the DropFunnels dashboard are not available on ClickFunnels.

However, both platforms provide users with the opportunity to practice using their pages. While the opportunity to practice offered by DropFunnels is limited, ClickFunnels, via FunnelFix, offers its users several free training programs.

When it comes to pricing, if you have a limited budget, then DropFunnels is a smarter choice. ClickFunnels has two annual plans that are both far more costly than DropFunnels' plans. However, on the positive side of things, you will get access to the free marketing training program provided via FunnelFix by ClickFunnels if you subscribe to it instead of DropFunnels.

DropFunnels Pricing

I will conclude this review of DropFunnels with its pricing. DropFunnels' pricing model is very fair and helps you to have a completely functioning website up-and-running for literally peanuts. You can also sign-up for a free trial take the funnel creator for a test-spin without spending any money.

I would recommend you to run the free trial of DropFunnels first and then based on your experience, decide whether you want to continue using it or not. The free trial is 14 days long, which is sufficient time for you to know whether DropFunnels works for you or not.

For solo entrepreneurs, local companies, and hobbyists, the standard subscription plan fits well, whereas the premium plans are more suited for websites with a larger volume of traffic. The following is the pricing for each plan:

Starter Plan: $49/month

Pro Plan: $149/month

Agency Plan: $297/moth


There is a lot to like about the DropFunnels platform, including the website builder, the SEO tool, and the in-built tracker. Additionally, it is more affordable than ClickFunnels or other similar platforms out there.
While I'm a fan of DropFunnels, I won't enforce my thoughts on you. Instead, I'll let you reach your own conclusions about DropFunnels based on the information I have provided in this review.

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